Our System

Our modular designed ERP system for packaging management ensures that all individual packaging movements are accurately tracked and recorded.

The web based system is very user friendly and flexible. It allows users to set up their individual, customer specific, supply chain parameters in order to optimize their reverse logistics cycle.

The various individual modules’ functionality include:

  • Packaging administration (tracking, tracing)
  • RFID
  • Packaging rental, hire, lease
  • Reverse logistics (packaging) optimization
  • Warehouse management (stocks, commissioning, cleaning, repair)
  • Automatic invoice reconciliation
  • Flexible, customer driven, reporting allowing 24/7 clear visibility of all movements & stocks

Whether your packaging is pushed or pulled through your supply chain our system is able to support your requirements.

Our system technology is provided by one of the leading ERP solution providers with Microsoft Gold and IBM Premium certifications. The system is being used by over 400 customers worldwide.

IBM Premier Business Partner                                    Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner                               IBM Beacon Awards Finalist

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