Our Network

Pending the service requirements of our customers JOB 1 Logistics Services works closely with a number of leading companies in their field.

For the operational "touch" part of our service we work closely with leading logistics companies such as Ewals Cargo Care and CEVA Logistics (previously TNT Logistics). These activities can include transportation of empty equipment, warehousing & storage as well as cleaning, repair and maintenance of durable packaging. Our network however does not preclude us from working with any other (logistics) partner should this be a requirement from our customer.

Through our extensive experience in packaging development area we are able to offer sustainable material handling solutions through our network in the packaging industry.

Furthermore, through our financial partners, we are able to offer asset funding and hence asset leasing and rental services.

Ewals Cargo Care                Ceva

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`Typically, through our
service concept we guarantee annual supply chain savings
ranging anywhere
between 15% and 35%`
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