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JOB 1 Logistics Services is based on over 25 years of commercial pallet and container rental and pooling services with the global pallet & container pooling company CHEP.

Harry Maes, General Manager of JOB 1 Logistics Services, has extensive knowledge of the European pallet and container pooling market and has previously been a member of the European board of CHEP for some 15 years. In this capacity he was responsible for the implementation and management of large pan European customer contracts such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Nissan, Lear, Delphi, Visteon and Suzuki.

JOB 1 Logistics Services has got an extensive network with leading 3PL and 4PL logistics companies such as Ewals Cargo Care and CEVA Logistics (previously TNT Logistics). This enables JOB 1 Logistics Services to provide its customers with an extensive European wide infrastructure.

The benefits of working with JOB 1 Logistics Services are significant and include:

. Supply chain savings
. Cost efficiencies and improved operational synergies
. Supply chain quality improvements
. Pallet & container (rental) accountability
. Elimination / reduction asset losses
. Tracking & tracing durable packaging
. Web based internet ERP packaging system
. External pallet and container management & administration
. Asset funding

About us         About us

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`Typically, through our
service concept we guarantee annual supply chain savings
ranging anywhere
between 15% and 35%`
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