Intelligent packaging solutions

JOB 1 Logistics Services is a service company specialized in the provision of optimal durable packaging solutions for its customers.

These services include:
•  packaging development and supply chain packaging review
•  supply chain consultancy
•  supply chain interim management
•  state of the art web based packaging management ERP system
•  pallet and container management pooling services
•  asset funding and pallet & container rental or leasing services

For the container management pooling services, we have developed a state of the art web based container management ERP system which enables our customers tracking and tracing capabilities for the individual packaging units throughout their supply chain. The system’s functionality is very flexible and is based on extensive knowledge of over 25 years in commercial pallet and container rental and pooling services. The system is very easy to use and is able to handle all kinds of different permutations of our customers supply chain requirements (push-, pull, etc). In addition, our system accommodates and supports RFID tracking solutions in order to have full control over the inbound- and outbound packaging flows in the reverse logistics cycle.

Our areas of expertise include Home Improvement & DIY, Automotive, Chemical, Fruit & Vegetable, Dairy, Poultry and Beverage industries.

The choice of durable packaging is determined by our customer’s requirements and is not pre-determined. Our packaging range includes Industry pallets, Euro pallets, plastic containers (Odette, Galia, VDA, etc), KLT’s, RTP’s, Gitterboxes, Layer pads, Display pallets as well as special, custom designed containers.

Our main mission is to provide added value for our customers by creating supply chain efficiencies and savings through our expertise and dedicated tailor made pallet and container management services.

Whereby our key focus is on customer service, cost efficiency, quality, technology, innovation and container asset productivity in order to drive through these savings for our customers.


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`Typically, through our
service concept we guarantee annual supply chain savings
ranging anywhere
between 15% and 35%`
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